Blind Shots Podcast Episode 23 – The StoneCrest Series, Part 2, with Brad Reynolds

Welcome to the second episode of The StoneCrest Series, an in-depth look a very special golf course in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. Brad Reynolds is the course’s superintendent and general manager, so there’s few people who could know StoneCrest better. We talk everything from collapsing greens to amazing scenery to community assets and municipal course operations. It’s such a treat to get insights about the golf industry and a specific golf course from someone who lives it everyday.

I may nerd out a bit more than usual on the turf-talk specifics, but I assure you, it’s all in an effort to paint a fuller picture of a place I love. Brad is great: he’s smart, candid, and funny, in a very matter of fact way. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and I think you will too.

Links to items from this episode:

StoneCrest Golf Course

Lincoln Homestead State Park Golf Course

Beaver Valley Golf Course

Jenny Wiley State Resort Park


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