Blind Shots Podcast Episode 22 – A Beginner with the Golf Bug with Kara Hildebrandt

Welcome to Episode 22!

To start the new year, I bring you the voice of someone new to the game. Many of you are lifers or golf tragics, like me. I find chatting or playing a round of golf with someone that has just been newly bitten by the golf bug to be a wonderfully nostalgic exercise that helps realign perspective and priorities more toward where they deserve to be, in golf (and life). Golf is supposed to be a game, remember?

She has caught the golf bug something awful and this was my chance to get her perspective on what actually brings new people to the game, the environment she found as a newcomer, and some insight to the age old lessons vs. new equipment debate. It’s something a little different, and I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation.

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