Blind Shots Podcast Season 3 Episode 16 – Jason Straka ASGCA on Kenwood CC, renovations, and sustainable golf course design

Jason Straka & I talk about Kenwood Country Club, the course renovation, and the LPGA tournament, as well as his passion for sustainability in golf course design and maintenance, and the insular nature of a lot of golf-centric conversations.

Nine holes of Pinehurst area thoughts: Hole 5 – Moving on Up.

The truth of Matt’s final point, that playing up to just a slightly shorter overall yardage still presents interesting challenges yet in a less stressful manner, is the hallmark of a well-designed golf course. Moving up from one set of tees to a shorter set doesn’t magically make a good golf course boring or easy; it makes the challenges less stressful and more enjoyable.

Blind Shots Podcast Season 3 Episode 15 – Michael Croley on Golf and Writing

On today’s episode, we class up the joint a bit by welcoming author, writer, golfer, and native Kentuckian gone rogue, Michael Croley. Michael grew up in Corbin, Kentucky, but now lives in the Columbus, OH area, shaping the minds of tomorrow as an Assistant Professor of English and Journalism at Denison University, developing his own creative writing portfolio, and working the golf journalism beat for more than a handful of publications.

Blind Shots Podcast Season 3 Episode 14 – Matthew Wharton, Carolina Greenkeeper

Today’s episode is one where you and I get to listen to my friend entertain us with some stories, and make us think with a few others. Matthew Wharton is one of my most cherished friends in golf; smart, funny, curious, serious, and kind. We talk golf courses, golf industry, golf shots, and golf’s future,…

Blind Shots Podcast Season 3, Episode 13 – A Requiem for 2021 and a Prayer for 2022

Winter has arrived in earnest, as the chaos of the holiday season subsides, so this week the podcast takes a look at some of the bests and worsts of golf in 2021. We also cast an eye forward to 2022, previewing a few things that we’re already getting excited about. The off-season, or winter in…