Blind Shots Podcast Short Game Session 4 – Memories, Golf Dreams and Escapism in a Pandemic

We are all dealing with the isolation and social distancing in our own ways. Some of us are still playing golf under strict guidelines, while others sit idly by while their golf courses are shut down. Neither situation is ideal.

I felt a lot better after getting out and hitting balls for about an hour this past Sunday.

For me, golf has become an interwoven set of memories and day dreams, plans being made for a grand reintroduction to the game the moment our collective circumstances return to whatever the new normal will be. This is a brief episode about what golf has become for me during the pandemic and where my imagination leads me.

I hope you’re coping well, staying safe and healthy and sane. Until we can all get back out on the course together, if you have golf in your day dreams, do decide to go for it, and take dead aim.

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