Blind Shots Podcast Episode 4 – Afternoons were for Match Play with Matt Chaney

Welcome to another episode in our Scottish Golf Experiences series! This episode is a companion piece to my essay Afternoons were for Match Play, which you can find over on the blog at  This interview with my friend and competitor, Matt Chaney, delves further in depth into what made our random afternoon matches at golf courses half way around the world so special.

It’s not a shot-by-shot recounting of our shots. It’s both of us grasping for an explanation for why those few hours continue to have such importance to us half a year later. It’s a discussion about the spirit of the game of golf, something more spiritual than just a game wherein the lowest score wins.

Among other things that we discuss are the feeling of being some place truly special, making our own golf course on our walk around the property, playing a new course for the first time with no guide, and the spirit of fierce but fun and respectful competition.

I hope you’re all staying safe and staying sane. As always, choose to Go For It! And remember to Take Dead Aim.


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