Results of the January Poll Question: Walkers and Cowards

Some of the most entertaining, most exaggerated stories stories get told whilst walking the golf course.

Some of the most entertaining, most exaggerated stories get told whilst walking the golf course.

A few of you, Dear Readers, have spoken.  Those that chimed in on January’s Poll Question about your level of commitment to walking the golf course appear at least as dedicated to walking as I am.  That is, if given the opportunity by the course or management, you would prefer to walk.

As the Poll results indicate below, you, Dear Readers, are a traditionalist bunch that enjoys the stroll.  At least those of you that chimed in.

Obviously, on weekend mornings and mountain golf courses, walking is usually prohibited in the interest of pace of play, cart fee revenue, and sometimes, player safety.

Otherwise, I usually genuinely enjoy the walk.  Despite all logic to the contrary, I’m usually more relaxed and feel less hurried if I’m walking a round of golf. It’s always a “good” tired that I feel after walking eighteen holes despite whatever my scorecard says about my round.

Also, it’s worth noting, I feel a stronger sense of camaraderie with my playing partners when we walk the course together, as if we are overcoming a great common challenge together (for some, the struggle is more real than others).

In my experience, more and better stories get shared walking down the fairways.  I’m certainly less inclined to spend time checking my email or Twitter timeline while I’m walking, as opposed to riding on a cart, perhaps keeping my focus a little sharper on my golf game, which does wonders for recharging my mental faculties.

Fortune favors the bold. – Old Latin proverb

Not one of you, however, were willing to admit, even in an anonymous blog poll question, that you prefer to ride, or at least ride fairly often.  That’s right, zero votes for the less ambitious poll options.

Anecdotally, I know there are plenty among us that still prefer to ride, to whom golf is simply a few hours with our buddies and away from our wives, jobs, and everyday responsibilities and to whom walking and exercise aren’t part of the golf equation.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all, and many daily fee courses couldn’t survive without your cart fees.  Just know that you have nothing to be ashamed of and shouldn’t be afraid to be honest about it.

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