November Poll Question: Do you have Golf-only clothes?

Bobby Jones could pull off "The Uniform" gracefully; for me, one swing and I'd look like a vagabond.

Bobby Jones could pull off “The Uniform” gracefully; for me, one swing and I’d look like a vagabond.

Golf attire has come a long way in the last century or so.  Hickory-club leagues notwithstanding, long gone are the days of plus-fours and button-down shirts with ties appearing on players on the golf course.

Since at least the 1940’s,  a nice pair of slacks or shorts and a knitted short-sleeve golf shirt are pretty much the standard golfer’s uniform.

Meanwhile, for the last quarter of a century, the dress codes in many “professional” settings have relaxed from requiring a suit for men or suit or dress for women towards the more amorphous “business casual.”

I don’t know the definition of business casual clothing, but I’ve resigned to guess that it means an outfit combination of shirt, slacks, and socks that would be acceptable on the first tee at Idle Hour Country Club.

I work in the real estate industry, which while perhaps the most lightly regarded of the “professions,” is an industry in which a certain level of professional appearance, usually the aforementioned business casual as a minimum, is expected.

This is a boon to me, as there’s naturally a lot of crossover between my recreational and professional wardrobes.  Some of my nicer golf polo shirts can double as “Work Shirts” during the summer, which makes catching 9-holes after work a lot easier.

I'm of Scottish ancestry, so I love argyle, but I'd be pretty self-conscious wearing this into an office setting.

I’m of Scottish ancestry, so I love argyle, but I’d be pretty self-conscious wearing this into an office setting.

However, there are several golf polos in my drawer that are strictly golf only, either due to pattern, material, or condition.

Additionally, I have a pair of knit trousers that The Wife thinks are so ugly and outdated that she WILL NOT be seen with me wearing them, inside the house or otherwise that I wear almost exclusively at the golf course.

So my question to you, Dear Readers, is this: do you have golf-only clothes in your wardrobe?

I’m not talking about your golf cleats or your Galvin Green rain gear, but shorts, slacks, or shirts that you reserve specifically for the golf course instead of everyday wear and use.

It’s Election Day in the USA today, so in that spirit, cast a vote below.  All anecdotes are welcomed and will be scored at the end of the month.


2 thoughts on “November Poll Question: Do you have Golf-only clothes?

  1. I definitely do. Some by choice, others not. For example, I have washed some clothes with chapstick before which is a big mistake! So those shirts end up being golf only since I can’t get all the stains out :). Definitely so for pants. I wouldn’t wear the fibers the pants are made of to work and I find they always seems to get dirty on the course anyway.

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