Results of the June Poll Question: The scariest golf shot

There are only a handful of forced carries at Heritage Hill, and even this one on No. 16 is more about mental accuity than golfing skill.

The forced carry at Heritage Hill on No. 16 is more about mental acuity than golfing skill.  I, of course, hit a beautiful drive directly into the lake, in line with the longest possible carry distance.

In a plurality decision, Dear Readers, most of us, as a group, don’t like having an entire side of the golf course taken away from us on the tee.  That is the not-quite-overwhelming result of the May Poll question.

Personally, I have to agree.  If there is a particular place or direction I absolutely cannot hit the ball, there is a very high likelihood of one of two things occurring:  1) I will bail WAY out to the other side of the course and end up out of position or in trouble, or 2) I will hit a screaming drive directly into whatever trouble there is, be it a lake, creek, or out-of-bounds.

I guess it’s good to know that my misery has company among you.

Additionally, some of the individual “other” answers included:

  • “A drive from the tee! I’m a beginner” – *Editor’s note: I suspect this was provided by The Wife.
  • “Any shot into an island green.”
  • “A ball below my feet.”
  • “Into the wind/cross-wind blowing toward trouble.”

Reasonable fears all.

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