Results of April’s Question of the Month

Of course I'd want to live on THIS golf course.  But I don't know that The Wife and I have the necessary $10,900,000 in this year's vacation budget.

Of course I’d want to live on THIS golf course. But I don’t know that The Wife and I have the necessary $10,900,000 in this year’s housing budget.

April’s Question of the Month, Would you actually want to live on a golf course, elicited a varied response from you, Dear Readers.  Some voters had some strong, clear-cut opinions, while other took advantage of the nuanced options available in the poll.

In an editorial note, if I had the opportunity to recreate the poll question, I would add the mansions I saw at the Kapalua Plantation Course to the same category as the ones adjacent to Pebble Beach.

After some reflection, I think I would stick by my initial assessment.  It would be nice to have the open space that is inherent to a golf course right outside my back door, reduced yard maintenance responsibilities, and the ability to walk a few holes barefoot from the back porch after a long summer day.

However, there are too many things I enjoy about having a backyard that is my own that I wouldn’t be willing to trade out, not yet anyway.  If I were fortunate enough to have a vacation home, for a few months of the year, I would probably would enjoy it very much.

Nonetheless, I like being able to play in the backyard with the dog anytime I please.  I enjoy growing whatever I want in my vegetable and flower gardens. If and when The Wife and I are blessed with little bearded golfers, I know that having a fenced back yard will go along way to my own sanity.

And sometimes, I just like to sit below a setting Sun and do nothing in my own peace and quiet.  I’m not sure living on your average golf course would afford me these same simple luxuries.

The results of the poll are indicated in the poll graphic below.  Two interesting comments of the “Other” variety:

  • “I could, but not just any golf course. Would need to be upper scale club”
  • “4th after the farm, the beach and the mountains”

Clearly, golf has made us all humble, reasonable people.

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