March Question of the Month – What do you practice?

The secret is in the dirt.

Hogan said that the secret is in the dirt. All I’ve found so far are worms.

Last month, Brian over at All About Golf posed a thought-provoking column about what and how to practice to improve your golf game.  He concluded the post by asking readers whether they focus on developing their strengths or fixing their weaknesses on the golf course.

I know that if I truly want to improve, it will require a lot of practice.  In years past, despite knowing better, I often fell into the trap of banging away with my driver far too much.  However, the more I thought about my practice habits, the less guilty I felt about spending so much time trying to improve my full swing shots.

I am comfortable and competent with my short game.  Yes, I need to be putt more efficiently, and I’m not Lefty with the wedges. But my short game is truly one of my strengths nonetheless. The difference between a great round and a frustrating debacle for me is generally determined by how I get off the tee.  If my driver betrays me, I can punch it out of trouble with the best of them, but  it makes for a long day.

Victory loves preparation.  Allegedly.

Victory loves preparation. Allegedly.

I believe my game will benefit the most if I can make strides on my biggest weaknesses by gaining consistency in the full swing.  Perhaps once my weaknesses aren’t so weak, I can turn my focus to developing my strengths into super-strengths.  Which brings me to the March Question of the Month: What do you practice to try to improve your golf game?

Vote in the poll below, and feel free to provide your thoughts on the subject.

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