February Question of the Month: Golfing Cold Tolerance

A winter's day on the 18th green at Lexington's Gay Brewer Jr. Course at Picadome.

A winter’s day on the 18th green Lexington’s Gay Brewer Jr. Course at Picadome.

Like most other Americans, in the last month I’ve had my fill of gray skies, snowdrifts, and the polar vortex to last for several winters.  The recent sub-zero temperature blasts only intensify the daydreams of warm, sunny days filled with lush green fairways and smooth-rolling greens, and accelerates the planning for how to spend the spring and summer golfing seasons.

Another consequence of our brutal winter conditions is that all of the weather becomes very relative.  I’ve found myself tempted to get out on the links on the rare days the Sun shines and the temperature ekes out to a high in the low 40’s.  My theory that we are granted one good golfing day per month has been thoroughly tested this January, as the relatively warm days have ushered in rainstorms or massive snow melts, while during many of the clear days the mercury never rose above 30 degrees.

Many golfers don’t consider the golf season open until after CBS’s coverage of The Masters Tournament each spring has reminded them of what they’ve been missing.  Whereas other diehards are perfectly content to play from a heated golf cart wearing a toboggan, snow boots, and thick winter gloves.  Personally, I tend to enjoy winter golf, if for no other reason there’s a decent chance I’ll have the course to myself.  I once played a fraternity scramble in sleet and snow without gloves, and have waited out thawing frost as recently as this Thanksgiving, so I think I probably have a better than average golf tolerance for cold weather.Picadome Snow 1

Which brings us to February’s Question of the Month:  What is your winter weather cold tolerance for a chance to get out on the golf course?  Cast your vote in the poll below and feel free to leave memories of your coldest round in the comments section.

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