Blind Shots Podcast Season 4 Episode 11 – Lie + Loft Founder Luke Davis

I speak with Lie + Loft founder Luke Davis about his journey to and within golf. Golf art and golf imagery has come a long way in the past decade or two. Once the exclusive province of the coffee table books, luxury travel publications, and the architecture issues of the mainstream golf publications, artistic depictions of golf’s playing fields have been devolved to the people in the digital age. Famous golf holes, once locked away behind the iron gates, are now available for viewing from every angle of still life photography, and probably available in drone video form.

So how a boutique shop like Lie + Loft stand out among an increasingly crowded field? Well, that’s what we talk about. It’s a wide ranging discussion that begins with Luke’s origin story and ends at our mutual love and concern for public golf in America.

Lie + Loft website:

In my office right now, from Lie + Loft.

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