Blind Shots Podcast Season 3 Episode 10 – Brian Laurent of the Superintendent Network and Twisted Paw Putting Club

Today’s episode puts a spotlight on the turf side of the golf course industry. My guest is Brian Laurent. His journey in golf has taken him from collegiate golfer to running multiple Ohio sections of the Golf Course Superintendent’s Association of America, before launching his newest venture, the Superintendent Network. He is also the caretaker of perhaps my favorite putting course that I’ve never visited: the Twisted Paw Putting Course in suburban Columbus, Ohio.

As an executive within the industry, Brian sits at the intersection of the pulse of his members’, the trends and threats to the golf and turf industries, its vendors, and the regulators and government bodies that can have profound impacts on the industry, as 2020 and 2021 have demonstrated.

Propel Solutions – Brian’s consulting firm

Ohio Superintendent Network – watch this space for future Superintendent Network material

Brian Laurent on Twitter and Instagram

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