Blind Shots Podcast – Public Golf Talks with Justin Mullannix, PGA

Welcome to another episode in my series of discussions about Public Golf in America, this time through our local scene here in Central Kentucky, Justin Mullannix, PGA. After serving as the head golf professional at Kearney Hill Golf Course and Gay Brewer Jr. Course at Picadome, Justin is now charged with overseeing Lexington’s golf leagues, adult clinics, and championship tournament schedules, basically to be the engagement manager for Lexington golf, for beginners and serious players.

While the details are local, the concepts and themes are universal. Our discussion ranges from ideas on how golf courses fit into the larger parks and recreation puzzle to how to get and retain people new golf and golf course experiences. It’s refreshing to hear a little bit about how the sausage gets made with respect to local budget and policy decisions, confirming my suspicions that public golf does, in fact, need grassroots advocates.

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