Blind Shots Podcast Episode 28 – The Kindness of Strangers and Black Creek

Today, Fred and I recap what made our recent Winter Golf Getaway to Chattanooga, Tennessee so special and fun. We lament a canceled event at Sweetens Cove, the mother of all Plan B’s, and also do a brief deep dive on what makes Black Creek Club a very special place.

Black Creek Club is the passion project of it’s owner, Chattanooga’s living golf legend, Doug Stein. He commissioned architect Brian Silva to transform some otherwise largely non-descript valley floor and infuse it with classic golf strategy from golf’s Golden Age, employing unique, modern interpretations of some of the best golf template holes.

For our group, it was an opportunity to experience golf in a rare style. Neither neo-classical faux links nor hulking project from a late 20th century master like Dye or Fazio, it’s almost novel in that it neither attempts to blend or bend to nature, instead presenting a golf course that asks diverse and interesting questions. And it’s a terrific walk, to boot. I think you’ll hear the enjoyment come thru in Fred & my conversation.

A view of the approach to the punchbowl green on the 6th hole at Black Creek.

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