Blind Shots Podcast Episode 26 – Scott Laffin of Feature Golf Consulting

In Episode 26, Scott Laffin and I bounce around ideas golf and golf course businesses.He has carved out a non-traditional role for himself in golf course design and construction through is firm, Feature Golf Consulting, as the guy behind the guy. A professional landscape architect by training, he’s enjoyed backdoor access and hands-on experience to some of the most exciting projects of the last decade, including the original Sand Valley Course in Wisconsin, and the newly announced Lido Course re-creation to be built adjacent to that same Sand Valley resort

We trade thoughts on everything from golf club master plans to public links and the community golf concept, and lots of other interesting stuff in-between. There were significant storms around Lexington and Cincinnati on the evening we recorded, so the sound quality is as good as I could engineer it, with a few unnatural breaks where we simply lost audio quality, so I beg your patience with that in advance.

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