Blind Shots Podcast Short Game Session #9 – Sanity Break, Part Three – After

A post-script on my one-man spirit of golf marathon to and thru the Sand Hills of North Carolina.

I briefly recap what I was looking for, what I found, and what it means to me to have completed my personal golf crusade to my favorite American golf course, Mid Pines and Tobacco Road.

I walked 81 holes of golf in roughly 32 hours, which totaled roughly 30 miles of golf course walking in a day and a half. At the end of it, I had that “good tired,” and peace of mind and spirit. I was ready to head home with a clear head and heart, and a sense of genuine accomplishment, having never walked more than perhaps 20 or so holes in a day previously.

Golf on this weekend gave me exactly what I needed, and more, as it so often does.

Thank you, Tobacco Road. I’ll see you again soon.


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