Blind Shots Podcast Episode 8 – Americans in Scotland Roundtable, Round 2 – Carnoustie and Elie

Welcome to Episode 8 – The Americans in Scotland Round table, Round Two.

In this episode, we recount our day at Carnoustie and a day at Elie.

It’s a virtual roundtable conversation with my Scottish Golf Trip companions remembering our journey getting to and from Carnoustie, golf on the world’s hardest links course, and the wonderful experience on and off of the course there. We also recount our day at Golf House Club at Elie, and what was probably our most joyful rounds of golf in Scotland, plus the incredible hospitality that the Club extended us, and why you should visit if you have the chance.

Show references:

    • Carnoustie Golf Links – link to the pro shop of perhaps the best golf course in the world.
    • The Carnoustie Club –  a distinct entity from the course, these are some of the most welcoming people you’ll find in golf
    • Golf House Club Elie – one of the most quietly luxurious golf clubs you can visit.

2 thoughts on “Blind Shots Podcast Episode 8 – Americans in Scotland Roundtable, Round 2 – Carnoustie and Elie

  1. Love what you do! I am planning a trip to Scotland and wonder if you recommend North Berwick or Carnoustie. I have time for only one, and I am torn. I know they’re apples and oranges, but I want to read your thoughts!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Nathan. Here’s what I’d say about choosing between those two: North Berwick is all about fun. It’s quirky, relaxed, you can scrape the ball around there and have a blast, or if you’re playing really well, it has plenty of challenge, mainly around the greens.

      Playing Carnoustie is climbing Everest or completing an Ironman Triathlon: you’ll love it because it’s difficult. The bunkers are so perfectly placed, the greens so wonderfully tilted and angled.

      Don’t try to play Carnoustie without a caddie. You don’t really need one at North Berwick.

      I hope this helps! You really can’t go wrong with either of them.

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