Blind Shots Podcast Episode 3: Part II with Graylyn Loomis and How to Plan a Scottish Golf Trip

Another episode in our Scotland series, this episode contains the second half of my interview with author and Scottish golf travel expert, Graylyn Loomis, discussing his eBook, How to Plan a Scottish Golf Trip, which is available on his website, or on Amazon, and his experiences as a golf trip consultant.

This eBook was the guide and the foundation for my entire Scottish golf experience.

Our discussion touches on topics including which courses to play, his relationship with golf tour operators and the Buyer Beware nature of dealing with a tour company, the concept of an overseas membership to a Scottish Golf Course, playing the Old Course forward and backwards, literally, and much more.

After the interview, I spend a little time recounting some of the advice from Graylyn’s book about logistics, that I wish I’d paid a little more attention to before departing for the Old Country.

Free Plugs:

  • Graylyn mentioned that he is currently affiliated with Far and Sure Golf Tours.
  • I mentioned that if you need golf taxis (or regular taxis) around St. Andrews, contact Tim at Star-Fish Taxis, they are first class.
  • A reminder that the Blind Shots Podcast is a proud member of the TalkinGolf family of podcasts, so be sure to check out some of the other shows on the network.
  • If you need some pretty good food and delicious drinks in North Berwick, pop into The Ship Inn.

A reminder that if it is your quest to one day peg it up at The Home of Golf, start at the St. Andrews Links Trust website, where you will find details on how to go about booking on all of their courses. And set a reminder on your calendar for August of each year to visit that website to find out when the ballot for Private Advance Tee Times will open for applications for the following year. Then purchase Graylyn’s book and get to work planning your dream trip.

I hope you’re all staying safe and staying sane. As always, choose to Go For It! And remember to Take Dead Aim.

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