Blind Shots Podcast – Short Game Session #3 A Place for Anger

The scene of the crime: a view from the 16th hole tee at The Castle Course at St. Andrews, Scotland.

A mini, pop-up episode containing riffs and an anecdote about playing golf angry.

There’s a bit of a confessional about the struggle to keep my emotions and my the 16th hole at the Castle Course in St. Andrews, where instead of the anger getting the best of me and ruining a game of golf, it was effectively put to use. It was such a rare experience that I liken it to catching a Leprechaun riding a unicorn.  But, boy, did it feel good.

I hope you enjoy what you hear.  Next up, we’ll have an interview with one of my favorite golfers in central Kentucky, Peter Schmitt.

Until then, remember to Go For It! And Take Dead Aim.

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