Blind Shots Podcast – Short Game Session 1: Before the Lesson

A pop-up version of the Blind Shots Podcast, the “before” of a before and after collection of podcasts about an overdue golf lesson.

This is something a little different that I hope you will like. This podcast is a brief monologue about my fears, worries, and expectations the night before my first golf lesson in six months.  In the next day or two after my lesson at Man O’ War Golf, I will follow up with the “after” portion of this pair, detailing how it went and why I should or shouldn’t have been so worried.

This will be the first of what may become the occasional unscheduled recording, something a little more raw pertaining to my personal golf journey that I hope you may be able to relate to, or at least be entertain by in some form or fashion.

I hope you enjoy it!

Remember to Go For It! And Take Dead Aim.

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