ESPN’s Michael Collins answers One Bearded Tweet on his #AskESPNCaddie video

It’s been kind of fun week here at for random acts of needless publicity.  First, Matt Ginella answered a One Bearded Tweet on his #AskMattG mailbag segment on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive program, which was a complete hoot for The Wife and I.

Now, ESPN Senior Golf Writer Michael Collins has chosen another One Bearded Tweet for his weekly #AskESPNCaddie video segment.

I try to be very upfront with my golf friends: I don’t have any of the answers.  Hence a history of seeking professional help. But I’m having a lot of fun asking the questions.

And Michael Collins (whose background includes time as a stand-up comedian and a PGA Tour Caddie) does his best to turn my random, obscure question into two minutes of entertaining satire and comedy.

You can watch the full, professional video over on ESPN, or you can enjoy another very bootleg copy of the video below.

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