Golf season never ends

The wrap-around season isn't just for the big boys anymore.

The wrap-around season isn’t just for the big boys anymore.

Just as the Tour professionals take a little time off after the FedEx and Ryder Cup competitions, I needed a brief hiatus from The Blog, and from the links, as I turned the corner from summer to fall 2014.

In other words, I got sucked into and mesmerized by the MLB Playoffs this year, even though my beloved St. Louis Cardinals failed to make it back to the World Series.

UK’s (that’s University of Kentucky to my international friends) Football Team hit its crucial stretch of games, though they’ve cooled off after a 5 – 1 start.

The Wife is now 8 months pregnant and we are smack in the middle of making some room for The Bearded Baby by renovating and expanding our second floor.

So, we’ve been busy.

The order of the season is heated stalls, rubber mats, and all the finger tape I can acquire.

The order of the season is heated stalls, rubber mats, and all the finger tape I can acquire.

In the midst of all of those happenings, The Wife, In-Laws, and Mom chipped in to give me a Winter Lesson Membership at Man O’ War Golf, to make sure I have an outlet for when I will need to get out of the house this winter.

I’ve already started taking advantage of my two lessons per week and unlimited practice range usage.

So, last month I posited, how could I go about not losing my swing over the winter.  It turns out the answer is to never stop working on it.

So, refreshed and ready to get back to work, it’s good to be back, Dear Readers.


6 thoughts on “Golf season never ends

  1. Dave, welcome back! The layoff is an important part to any golf season to allow your mind and body to heal. Glad to hear you will stay active through the winter and hopefully come out firing on all cylinders in the spring. The one thing I would caution about is to vary your practice routine so it doesn’t get stale. Happened to me a couple years ago when I was working on fitness for golf over the winter. Same routine got awfully boring after six or seven weeks.

    I’m not done yet and am looking forward to a brief three-day golf trip planned to the eastern shore this Sun-Tue. Then I’ll probably hang em up for the year. Good luck!


    • Brian –

      Thanks for the tips. My instructor is generally pretty good about moving the goalposts on me and giving me a new challenge that keeps me interested & challenged.

      Where are you headed on your eastern shore trip? Delmarva Peninsula? Very interested to read your reviews, as always.

      One of my great pastimes in the winter is daydreaming about future golf trips. I’ve even started mapping out future trips for The Wife, Bearded Baby, and I, where I cross a couple courses off my bucket list. Given the proximity, I’ve already hatched a schemes to play some great golf in Virginia and the Delmarva areas.


      • Dave I am playing Hog Neck in Easton, MD, Eagles Landing in Ocean City, MD, and Bear Trap Dunes in Ocean View, DE. Will do a review on Hog Neck and Bear Trap upon my return. Already reviewed Eagles Landing and it’s one of my favorites on the Delmarva. Every year I head down around this weekend to close up the family beach house in Delaware and get in some excellent golf on very uncrowded courses. There’s some great golf on the Delmarva if you are thinking of making a trip of it!



  2. Dave

    Congrats on the upcoming baby (or should I say golfer)! I agree with Dave that a rest is worthwhile sometimes. It does clear the mind and allows for a new view at golf. I think that the practice package is a great idea. We do not have anything like that up here. Great to hear you are back and look forward to reading your future articles.


  3. Dave

    Congrats on the upcoming addition to the bearded golfer family! Taking breaks, or having an “off season” in anything you do is important to recharge the batteries and fuel that hunger. It’s also a good time to reflect on your goals and priorities. Glad you’re back blogging, looking forward to hearing more! And best of luck with the lessons!


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