KY’s Best

Don't let the breathtaking vistas fool you...StoneCrest packs some serious punch down its stretch of closing holes, as evidenced by the tight par 4 18th.

Don’t let the breathtaking vistas fool you…StoneCrest packs some serious punch down its stretch of closing holes, as evidenced by the tight par 4 18th.

The golf boom of the 1990’s and the success of Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail led to the construction of some fantastic golf courses in Kentucky.  The Kentucky State Parks system invested heavily in new construction and upgrades to many of its golf facilities, leading to the Kentucky “Signature Series” collection of golf courses.

Additionally, several other municipalities invested in offering upscale public golf opportunities, along with a few private developments that created top-notch golf tracts.  The result of all the golf course development is that there are now there are some really great, affordable golf courses spread across every region of Kentucky.  Eventually, I want to try to play them all.

Below are reviews of the courses visited in 2014 and 2015.

Eagle Ridge 3 tee




2016 Candidates



13 thoughts on “KY’s Best

  1. Take Falls of the Rough off your list. They closed up shop last summer and I don’t think as of now have plans to reopen, unless something drastic happens.


      • When you say “this half of the state”, do you mean the western half? I can’t think of anything around that particular area off the top of my head without going a lot further west.


      • That is okay. I’m in Lexington, and a lot further west strains to be a day trip. I’m just going to keep hope alive that the course opens again this year. Their website is still up and their Twitter account still active, and neither says anything about staying closed or re-opening. So, I will just hope.


  2. I’d like for them to be open, but when I called late this past summer they were done and was told no plans then to reopen. They still have a resort there, but if you try to schedule a tee time for the golf course it goes to a dead link. I like the course but my last time out there maintenance was an issue, especially on the greens.

    I live in Lawrenceburg, and around here a little talked about course I think is a very nice course is Rosewood in Lebanon. Not the routing you would get at The Falls, but a nice, well maintained course that offers plenty of challenges, and always been treated very well there. My Old KY Home is another nice area course might be worth adding. I don’t see Old Silo listed, another great option you should look at as well.


    • I will definitely look into Rosewood and My Old KY Home. I’m very familiar with Old Silo and try to play there once a year if at all possible. I think it’s one of the top 5, if not two or three, best that I’ve played in the entire state.

      I really appreciate the heads up about the Falls.


      • If you’re looking to play a track in Bardstown, Maywood is probably your best option. MOKH has some neat holes cut back through the Stephen Foster Amphitheater, but the course is very rarely in great condition.

        Haven’t played Rosewood, heard it’s okay.

        Let me know when you’re ready to go out to Old Silo Dave! I have a groupon that’s burning a whole in my pocket.


  3. I live in Columbia, If your looking to play the best public courses in this area you need to def check out Dale Hollow and General Burnside State parks. If you can find a member or connection to get you on at Olde Stone in Bowling Green, Ky it is worth the trip but it will cost you $120 plus caddy tip. Without a couple hour drive those are the best courses by far in this area.


  4. Thanks Brandon! I appreciate the recommendations.

    One of the guys in the group is from Burkesville originally, so we’ve been down that way to play the Dale Hollow S.P. course a few years ago. It was the 1st alternate for this year, but since we’re trying to check out the places none of us have played previously, a trip down your way got pushed back to 2015.


  5. Interesting. I may know him or I guarantee he knows my family. My father is from Burkesville and we own the bowler center in town. Dale Hollow is as good as it gets here but I enjoy playing General Burnside more. Rosewood is nice but a lot of blind shots. I am actually planning a trip together in the next month to play Old Silo, Eagle’s Ridge, and possibly Stonecrest as none of our group has played any of these. Worth the 3 hour drive and night stay?


    • I think those courses are worth the drive and a night’s stay. Old Silo is one of my favorite courses in greater Lexington area and can’t recommend it enough (I’ve not been up there this year, but the conditions are usually good year round).

      I’ve enjoyed both StoneCrest and Eagle Ridge. Eagle Ridge is really unique, with the severe elevation changes and blind shots. However, I enjoyed the round at StoneCrest a little more. I thought StoneCrest was much fairer to the first time guest there, and the views from on top of the mountain are spectacular, probably the best in the state. Have fun!


  6. We take a party if sixteen down south every spring for a guys golf weekend. Ive played many of these courses and our problem is I (we) hate burmuda grass in the spring. Its ugly, tough to hit from and has nearly ruined too many trips to Kentucky and Tennessee. Lodging is an issue as well. Who wants to stay at a super eight , fifteen minutes from the course or local wattering hole….sorry just needed to vent…..


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